3D Generalist at Floreo VR

3D Generalist at Floreo VR

3D Generalist at Floreo VR 3D Generalist at Floreo VR

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Floreo: Mobile VR


Environment artist, character artist, texture artist, princess extraordinaire, rigger/animator, world builder, lighting expert, Unity wizard...3D Generalist 

SOE: DC Universe Online


 Environment artist and world builder

Demo Reels


From a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. They will be updated someday- and that day may never come



Learn a little bit about me. Skillset, experience, and personal mission



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Floreo VR


This 22k poly urban environment (yes, I'm including the police car in that total) was modeled by me in 3ds Max/ textured Photoshop. The bulk of this modular environment is composed of 65 buildings, 8 road sections, 17 unique powerline sets, and 4 different sidewalk pieces. All 65 buildings exist on 21 hand painted textures, with a total of 3,282 polys. All buildings have unique sides so they can be rotated for re-usability.

The other environments pictured were also created with the same ultra optimized end goal. View the TSA environment in 360 degrees here!

Sony Online Entertainment


 Using set pieces from Metropolis, I created these environments for

DC Universe Online: Sons of Trigon



Impressive Skillset

Environment artist ; Technical artist

3ds Max genius ; Maya champ 

Unreal expert ; Unity master 

Photoshop perfectionist ; Illustrator wizard


Notable Resume

3d Technical Artist at Floreo

3D Artist at Merge VR

Environment Artist at Reality Remastered

Environment Artist at SOE

Studied Leadership at The Denius Sams Gaming Academy at the University of Texas Class of 2015

Studied Game Art and Design at The Art Institute of Austin Class of 2014


Efficiency Innovator

I've spent most of my work life on mobile VR games which has inspired me to improve my workflow by optimizing my rigs, efficiently creating and exporting animation files, improving the overall exporting processes to remove bulk from files, 3d model creation for efficient UV unwrapping, modular asset creation, texturing, shader writing, and optimizing in editor (Unity) as well.   

3D Models

The Calm Before

Proof of concept render created in editor.

Denius Sams Gaming Academy

Class of 2015 Student Project 

My contributions-

Art direction: simple gradients on the textures for the jungle assets to create depth/keep poly count low. 

Content Creation: modular assets to give world builders/designers more versatility.

Workflow/Approval Process for the art team.

 The following videos were recorded in editor (Unity/UDK). Concept, models, and textures were created by me. Scene setup, lighting, particles, audio setup, and materials/shaders were also done by me. 

Rube Goldberg Cupcake Machine

Rube Goldberg machines have always fascinated me. Here is the first animation project I ever did. Recorded in Unity on an iTween camera. 

2014 Demo Reel

I had over 6 weeks to make an epic demo reel to finish out college with a boom. I discovered V-Ray with less than 4 days left, learned how to use it, and reworked my whole demo reel. 

 Oh V-Ray: Do you remember when we first met? I thought I had wandered into a dream

Environments circa 2014

Side Bar

Personal project inspired by a bar I went to in San Antonio on my first date with my husband while we were both still in college.

Morning in Fantasy Land

First UDK project I had ever attempted. Still my favorite creation- high up on my "to be reworked" list.

Snow Village

This scene was a personal project I did while learning about water shaders and particles in UDK.

Booty Crabs 

I created this environment for a student project while attending the Art Institute of Austin.

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